[thesite] the stylesheet and the btnbt

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Sat Jul 21 18:01:04 CDT 2001

Howdy, everybody --

Since we've got at least two new websites in production that are based on
w.e.o., I have a couple of questions and some ideas.

For those of you that don't know, I'm working with Dan on getting the
current a.e.o. interface into a *.e.o.-style template.


There are a couple of styles that I'd like to add to the stylesheet for
a.e.o. One is an alternating-row style for greenbar-style display of data,
and there are a few styles that we'll need for the calendar.

Should these be added a.e.o.'s version of isaac.css or should they be in a
separate a.e.o.-only stylesheet?

I feel like the alternating-row style is something that could be used on
other evolt sites, so would like to include that in a.e.o.-isaac.css, for
eventual inclusion into uber-isaac.css, but the calendar styles (mostly for
coloring the days of the week) would be pretty specific to a.e.o., so they
could easily go in a separate sheet and never be rolled into uber-isaac.css.


***the Blacktabnavbarthingie (btnbt)***

I think we need to start using the pull-down in the blacktabnavbarthingie
for a domain-specific menu, rather than having it point to the sections of
w.e.o. I believe this is already in the plans for f.e.o., and I would like
to do the same thing for a.e.o. This change could eventually propagate out
to all the other *.e.o. sites as well.

I think it makes much more sense from several standpoints to make this
change. When we very first launched the new design, the only other two sites
that used it were b.e.o. and l.e.o., and those are so integral to evolt and
had little enough internal navigation that it made a certain amount of sense
to leave the pull-down pointing to the w.e.o. sections. Now, though, that
idea is going to become not only counterintuitive, but confusing and
user-unfriendly. Since the links above the btnbt now point to all the
different domains, the pull-down becomes the first big navigation tool that
people will see, and we should take advantage of it.



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