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| That is a good question, Garrett. And I like your idea, aard, but the
| and content of the contact and FAQ pages will likely change from site to
| site. For example, on aeo there isn't really a need for a FAQ, but we will
| have user/help docs. (Michelle is working on them.) Would it make sense to
| use the "?" button for the help docs? Or would it be better to have a
| different button?

While I agree with this .. what about the other sites?  We need to consider
what the user expects each button leads too.  What do we do with meo, leo,
beo and deo?  We could, in fact, change all of them.  Then the user's
expectations will be the same across all of the sites.  Or are you proposing
we only change things for feo and aeo?  aeo isn't really an issue since its
intended audience is not the general public, and I don't think it will be
linked from the main navigation at all.

I think we should consider the impact across all sites before we agree to
this.  Consistency is important.

So, let's assess what we have already .. these are only suggestions:

weo - remains the same

- Change drop down to be the lists (thelist, thechat, thesite, maybe admin
only lists).
- Each of the above would lead to the respective pages detailing each list.
- Main page would need to change to just highlight the lists and to discuss
the tip harvester.  (atm, the tip harvester is not given enough importance,
- FAQ - would need to create (what's the digest, what's the dif between mime
and text, how do I unsubscribe or change my address, etc.).
- Home - leads back to main leo page.
- Contact - Admin.

- The most difficult one to change.  No drop down required.
- Home, back to the main beo page.
- FAQ, include statement that's on the top already.
- Contact (Admin, Adrian?)

- Again, no idea about the drop down, unless we want to highlight members'
accounts sometime.
- FAQ - already exists.
- Home - main page meo.
- Contact (djc, Admin)

- Drop down, use top-level nav as indicated on the front page.
- FAQ - exists.
- Home - would probably need to be modified.
- Contact (Simon, Admin)

- Drop down food categories.
- FAQ - no clue.. Matt?
- Home - main feo page.
- Contact (Admin, Matt)

- Drop down, different options as presented first level nav.
- FAQ - Documentation that I'm writing.
- Home - Calendar or log in? (regardless, should also be in drop down).
- Contact (Admin, djc)

The more sites we add, the more chance of people not knowing they exist.
The top navigation that we have now (Join, Browsers, Lists, Tips, Members,
Directory), I think is not obvious enough.  Any suggestions?  Links on the
black nav bar, Evolt Sites: yadda yadda?

Close your eyes, hit evolt.org for the first, what do you see or don't see.
What can be improved?  What does the user expect?

Anyway, some things to think about.


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