[thesite] new oracle box..

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Sun Jul 22 17:29:37 CDT 2001

its up and running, and kicking ass.

I just imporeted the live data from the production 
server(oracle.starkmedia.com) to the new machine(oreo.evolt.org(get it, 
ORacle.Evolt.Org :) ) and then set test.evolt.org to use the new machine 
as its datasource.

if that sounds confusing, it kinda is :) at any rate, they're both 
pulling up the exact same data, just from different machines.
The differences in speed are quite fucking remarkable, to say the least :)

The front page on test.evolt.org with the new DB server is taking 3.3 
seconds to build, whereas www.evolt.org is taking 11.1 seconds to build. 
I've taken the debugging info from each page and posted it at
http://members.evolt.org/djc/temp/oracle-compare.html (the new machine 
is on the right, old one on the left. sorry about the formatting, didnt 
want to spend an hour HTML'ing it)

the difference is very noticable on the front page load time as a result 

dean, matt, rudy, passwords should all be the same for the main evolt DB 
and connection info to that machine. if anyone has a couple seconds, try 
wheeling around t.e.o and making it work a bit.. if i dont see anything 
wack, i'll have w.e.o point to the new DB tonite :)

questions? comments?


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