[thesite] Tips Database

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Sun Jul 22 17:32:56 CDT 2001

rulez! would you mind running this once more though? :)

i have the mbox file from the first year of thelist, and it may be cool 
to put that in there..

also, was checking out the data, and it looks like you've got just the 
<tip>'s in there. would i be a serious bitch if i asked that you just 
take the entire message body and insert it into thelist table? then we 
could run through that, grep out tips, and associate them with a 
messageid from thelist table..

does that make sense? i just figure if we should get everything we can 
out of the mbox's while you're kind enough to do this :)


Dean Mah wrote:

> All of the tips in thelist.mbox file (to Sun Jul 22 14:09:21 2001)
> have been inserted into the test database.  I don't recall what you
> guys were going to do after this point so I'll leave you to it.  The
> table is called THELIST and looks like:
> SQL> desc thelist;
> Name					   Null?    Type
> ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
>  LISTID 					    NUMBER
>  HDR_FROMNAME					    VARCHAR2(255)
>  HDR_FROMEMAIL					    VARCHAR2(255)
>  HDR_TOEMAIL					    VARCHAR2(255)
>  HDR_SUBJECT					    VARCHAR2(255)
>  HDR_DATE					    VARCHAR2(80)
> Have fun,
> Dean
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