[thesite] Tips Database

Dean Mah dsmah at home.com
Sun Jul 22 19:36:40 CDT 2001

Seth Bienek writes:

> Dean, if you don't mind, I'd like you to have a look at the CF code
> to see what fields were being pulled out; even if you're not
> familiar with CF it's very straightforward.. It's at
> leo/mporter/mporter.cfm

I looked at the code quickly in order to locate the table name and
stuff.  I didn't spend that much time figuring out how you were doing
the parsing.

> There was a table structure in place that should be populated with a
> few thousand messages, too - should be able to wipe the contents and
> keep the structure.

Saw the table but didn't find the structure in Oracle.  I've heard a
rumour that it was in a SQL Server database.  So I just made up the
table structure as shown in my first message.


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