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Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Sun Jul 22 20:23:46 CDT 2001

> In what way were the messages from the mbox file being parsed?  It is
> beginning to sound like that they were only being extracted from the
> mbox file and loaded into the database.  It's also sounds like the
> entire mbox file was being stuffed into the databse.  Is that correct?

That is correct, Funk Master.  It is a part of the Grand Scheme... :)

> Currently the tips are associated with the author.  The message ID
> from the header is also captured.  Also, the caveat with associating a
> message author with a tip is that not all tips are written by the
> message's author.  They are merely being quoted from someone else's
> message.

Right.  The idea (IMO) is to be able to directly link to the author when possible, but still display the author (even if we can't link) then an author was specified in the original tip.

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