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Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Mon Jul 23 12:59:34 CDT 2001

> SQL> desc thelist
>  Name                                      Null?    Type
>  ---------------------------------------- -------- 
> ----------------------------
>  LISTID                                            NUMBER
>  MESSAGEID                                         NUMBER
>  HDR_MESSAGEID                                     VARCHAR2(512)
>  HDR_FROMNAME                                      VARCHAR2(512)
>  HDR_FROMEMAIL                                     VARCHAR2(512)
>  HDR_TOEMAIL                                       VARCHAR2(1024)
>  HDR_SUBJECT                                       VARCHAR2(512)
>  HDR_DATE                                          VARCHAR2(512)
>  HDR_INREPLYTO                                     VARCHAR2(512)
>  BDY_CONTENT                                       LONG

This looks good.  Same table structure I was using..

> That's what I did the first time that I inserted only the tips
> into the database.

With the exception that the message goes in first, and the tip is parsed out of the message record from the database.  This allows us to relate the tip to the message's messageid (from the db, not the header)

What does the structure of the tips table look like?

> When does this process run?

Depends on how long it takes to run. If it's a quick, lightweight process, then the more often the better. It seems that an ideal time to run the tip parser would be directly after the mail parser runs.

> How do messages from thelist get into the table THELIST?

Right now that is what the CF 'mbox mporter' does.  However it does it very slowly, even after being tweaked and optimized to the nth degree.  Would it be a pain in the ass to write a perl script for this?

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