[thesite] feo update

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Tue Jul 24 11:40:40 CDT 2001

On Jul 24, Garrett Coakley had something to say about [thesite] feo update

>Okay, it's getting there.
>>From the html and CSS spat out by weo you get this:


>This is the state of play so far. I've dumped all of the styles from isacc.css 
>that are different into a style tag at the top of this page to show
>whats ones would requiring changing for the feo look.

I think Adrian will smack you in the face for those custom styles.

Especially considering those attributes will eventually be customizable by
users. Kinda funny to customize a style that is only used on feo.

>I've had to create two new styles for the alternating background.

Drop the alternating background. It's hardly noticeable on my crappy
laptop monitor anyway.

>I've also tinkered with the html itself, this is commented where it's
>happened (think the only bits are the width of the content cell and
>there's a tr after the title that I've commented out). Didn't know how
>kosher that was *:)

I think that's ok. The HTML and page layout don't need to be 100% the

>So, there you go. I guess I need to know where we go from here?

Finish anything that needs finished, whack that alternating background,
and then let me loose on it so I can demonstrate my CF skillz.



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