[thesite] feo update

David Mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Tue Jul 24 13:55:51 CDT 2001

From: "Warden, Matt" <mwarden at mattwarden.com>

> >>From the html and CSS spat out by weo you get this:
> >
> >http://members.evolt.org/garrett/feo.html
> rock.


> >This is the state of play so far. I've dumped all of the styles 
> from isacc.css 
> >that are different into a style tag at the top of this page to show
> >whats ones would requiring changing for the feo look.
> I think Adrian will smack you in the face for those custom styles.

Go ahead and make a new stylesheet for feo, Garrett. That's how we've 
been handling all the other domains. Any styles that are specific to 
feo should be commented as such. Just name it something other than 
isaac.css. The way the stylesheet editor is planned to work (at least 
according to my latest feeble understanding) is that the default 
stylesheet for any given domain will be hardcoded and for that domain 
only, but we'll check for the existence of a custom stylesheet for the 
user when he or she logs in. Then those values will be pulled from the 
database. But I don't know if we're even going to allow custom 
stylesheets on feo. Isaac? Matt? (FWIW, I wouldn't. At least not 
colors. Maybe just a text larger/smaller widget.)

The alternating rows are something that I'm using on aeo as well, and I 
think they will have uses beyond this as well, so let's settle on a 
name. I used "altrow1" and "altrow2", but I'm open to anything. They 
also need to be usable by any element, so probably not prefixed with 
the "td". Cool?

> >I've had to create two new styles for the alternating background.
> Drop the alternating background. It's hardly noticeable on my crappy
> laptop monitor anyway.

Hold up, cowboy. Your crappy laptop ain't setting the standard for a 
design that's intended to push the *eo envelope a little. :)

If it's hardly noticeable then it doesn't hurt you, and those of us who 
have nice big monitors with sensitive color display *can* see it and it 
makes a nice, subtle difference.

Garrett, don't drop the alternating colors.


> >I've also tinkered with the html itself
> I think that's ok. The HTML and page layout don't need to be 100% the
> same.

I think a little tweaking will be okay. I haven't looked at, but I will 
later. Shouldn't make much of a difference.

> >So, there you go. I guess I need to know where we go from here?
> Finish anything that needs finished, whack that alternating 
> background,and then let me loose on it so I can demonstrate my CF 
> skillz.
> cool?

Yo, no whacking of any alternating colors. Yo.


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