[thesite] map - the FSFE way

mantruc javier at msm.cl
Tue Jul 24 17:25:56 CDT 2001

Dean Mah wrote:
> This is just a side project for me.  I don't want it to take away from
> the Flash version.  My version doesn't scale very well.  The maps that
> it generates are pretty big (500K) depending on the output size.  It
> looks a lot better as a background on my desktop.  It's kind of
> interesting to watch day break and night fall on evolters.  Might
> throw in the option to grab the cloud image overlays that are
> generated evry 6 hours.

ok, i thought it was cool, but we still need something more apropriate

> If you want to work on a form, I can tack it on and hopefully it will
> be useful for the Flash version.  I was thinking of allowing decimal
> lat. and long. co-ordinates, name, and city.

K, send it along

Sorry for getting it right, let me know where we're at for the Flash

Joxn, Bruce, where are we, was the map i sent ok
is it usefull if i sent the maps source for the one i have
on members.evolt.org/mantruc/map/map2.html
anthough it doesn't mark the guides?


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