[thesite] Tips Database

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Jul 25 14:10:23 CDT 2001

Seth Bienek wrote:

> Good, good, good..
> Couple things..
> Most of the email addresses (thelist.hdr_fromemail) have the brackets in them still.. Can we strip those in the parsing routine?  Also, some of the names (thelist.hdr_fromname) have quotes.

yes and yes

> Also, starting with message number 11480 there is a shift in the way the date header is formatted.  I guess the difference is between the old .mbox file and the new?  Is it safe to assume that the current date format of the .mbox mail header will stay the same hereafter?

yes and yes

> I would like it if the 'hdr_date' field were a date-time field - it would make it much easier to display and query the date of the messages.  And this may be asking too much -- the message headers have the date & time followed by the GMT offset - would it be possible to change the time on the emails to GMT time?  This would allow us to display the time in relation to the user's time zone (if available), or in relation to Evolt's time zone otherwise.

umm. lemme see what i can do. can you just add 5 to the time thats on 
them to get GMT?

thans seth..


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