[thesite] Tips Database

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Jul 25 14:12:04 CDT 2001

> One last thing (for rudy/dan/whoever) - now that the big big batch
> is done, we need some indexes on the table.

hey seth


apologies for not having kept myself informed of the details of all your
efforts, but it sounds like you and dean are owed a few rounds...

i can slap indexes on anything you want, but i'm wondering if i should even
make the attempt over a telnet connection

you are referring to the test database, right?

could you please save me the effort of combing through thesite archives and
tell me what tables are involved?

also, a question i guess for all of you, what are the prospects for
integrating the tips into the CONTENT table -- worthwhile?  don't bother?
i used to think the main advantage was that tips would then be searchable,
but that may have been long, long ago -- before we found out we couldn't
reference LONG columns in WHERE clauses...  besides, integrating them would
surely cause hiccups to existing article code, which would have to be
adjusted to disregard 'articles' within the TIPS category...  comments?

let me know if you want me to go ahead with the indexes...  it might be
better done by someone who knows which oracle tables to query to ensure
they have been defined properly...    matt?


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