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Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Wed Jul 25 14:52:17 CDT 2001

> congrats

Congrats to Dean, he did all the work.  :)

> apologies for not having kept myself informed of the details of all your
> efforts, but it sounds like you and dean are owed a few rounds...

You can't be everywhere.. I'll sure take anyone up on those rounds though! :)

> i can slap indexes on anything you want, but i'm wondering if i 
> should even
> make the attempt over a telnet connection

Whatever works for you.  Not a big rush, but it will help things along nicely whenever the indexes are in place.

> could you please save me the effort of combing through thesite 
> archives and
> tell me what tables are involved?

 From what I know, there is apparently a test database for Oracle.  The table name is 'thelist'.  That is all, for now.  

I do believe the table structure for 'thetips' needs some changes, though.. 

Currently 'thetips' looks like this:
 ---------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
 TIP_ID                                   NOT NULL NUMBER(8)
 TIP_DATE                                 NOT NULL DATE
 AUTHOR_ID                                         NUMBER(8)
 TIP_TYPE                                          VARCHAR2(200)
 AUTHOR                                            VARCHAR2(50)
 BODY                                              LONG

It needs two more fields:
messageid  ???  <- This is a FK for the mesageid field in 'thetips'
tip_type_id  number(8)  <- This will be a FK to a table used for standardizing tip types

And some renames:
attrib_type  VARCHAR2 (200)  <- This should replace TIP_TYPE.
attrib_author  VARCHAR2 (50) <- This should replace AUTHOR.
tip_body  LONG <- This should replace BODY

> integrating the tips into the CONTENT table -- worthwhile?  don't bother?

Beats me.  I don't see any advantage.

> i used to think the main advantage was that tips would then be searchable,

We should be able to index this with Verity, no?


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