[thesite] Tips Database

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Jul 25 15:28:34 CDT 2001

> I won't have time to make this change until later today.
> I'll have to delete everything in the table and re-load the
> messages so don't get too attached to the data in there as it is.

heh, attached to the data -- as if

dean, if it's okay, i'll defer defining the indexes to you

it's not like it's rocket science, right?

> I think that we just wanted to leverage the existing infrastructure.  ;)
> If we were able to treat the tips are articles, we could: search,
> print, rate, comment on, etc. with minimal changes.

yeah, that's the word i was looking for -- leverage!!

but don't forget, it forces changes to existing code -- some pages want to
list just articles (e.g. the home page, the main page for each category...)

i think we should let the new table for tips stabilize first

besides, there may be quite a bit of cleansing to do, to link tips to their
proper authors, to categorize them, etc.

by the way, the data warehousing buzzword for what we're doing here is
ETL -- extract, transformation, and load

ETL isn't necessarily all accomplished outside the database -- several
steps may be done inside the database, using SQL to schluff data from one
intermediate table to the next...  CONTENT would be the final target...


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