[thesite] Tips Database

Dean Mah dsmah at home.com
Wed Jul 25 18:40:49 CDT 2001

Seth Bienek writes:

> Most of the email addresses (thelist.hdr_fromemail) have the
> brackets in them still.. Can we strip those in the parsing routine?
> Also, some of the names (thelist.hdr_fromname) have quotes.


> I would like it if the 'hdr_date' field were a date-time field

Done.  Selecting from the server will give you the time in CST.  You
will need to use the newtime function to convert to a different
timezone within the US.  Outside the US, you'll need to write
something else.

> One last thing (for rudy/dan/whoever) - now that the big big batch
> is done, we need some indexes on the table.  messageid (unique PK),
> header_messageid (not unique, null for older messages),
> hdr_inreplyto (not unique, null for original posts older messages),
> and hdr_fromemail (not unique, possible fk for members table?)

messageid is now the primary key.
Indexes on hdr_messageid and hdr_inreplyto have been created.

Changes to the THETIPS table have been made.  tip_id is the primary
key and message_id is a foreign key to the THELIST table.  tip_date is
not null.


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