WAIT! Re: [thesite] feo update

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Jul 25 20:44:00 CDT 2001

> they're there...

they are *now*. garrett added them after my request.

> > (see the dividing lines here:
> > http://www.triplezero.com.au/isaac/evolt/food/food3.jpg)
> +1, as darker lines...

garrett - forgot to mention it in the offlist email this morning: can you
make the dividing lines darker. same as in the jpg above.

> > also, i want the "food for hungry minds" to look perfect, so make that
> > a GIF (spacing is critical). it'll be big enough for ALT text to show
> > nicely anyway. ditto with RECIPES and CHEFS if possible. my PSD also
> uhhh... you want .gif text... he heh...

yeh, i want GIF text. it's a title, not a recipe body. ;p

> you'll either have to slice 'em and re-code all those sections a bit,
> or figure something else out...

ok, forget that bit for now.

> > sidebar styling also needs to be modified colour-wise (black titles)
> > specifically. i would also prefer no bullet points for the links below
> > each title.
> why not?  or am i looking in the wrong place?

you might be seeing the changes garrett has made.

no bullet points cos i don't want them.


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