[thesite] map - the FSFE way

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Thu Jul 26 10:23:17 CDT 2001

Martin wrote:

>Warden, Matt wrote on 25/7/01 7:32 pm
>>>Anyone figure out a way to find lats and lons for other countries based 
>>>upon postal address (or code)?
>Arg. Geocoding. It's not fun. The likes of http://www.mapinfo.com/
>and other GIS suppliers make a very, very large amount of money off
I suspected that would be hard to pull off. Shame for us (good for 
them). Oh well.

>Here's a thought - could the zoom be provided by someone like
>http://www.multimap.com or mapquest?
Yes I suppose it could. Members could provide their own url to whichever 
mapping site covers their area. That would have the added benifit of 
being self maintainable - by the members that is.

The one caveat is that we would have to occassionally check for the 
validity of the link. An easily automated process.

>Here's me:

Cool Martin. That is more detail that I would choose to give because of 
my family, but the advantage to the method above is that I could provide 
whatever level of detail I wanted.

BTW - are there really that many train tracks in your neighborhood?

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