[thesite] Tips Database

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Jul 26 14:01:27 CDT 2001

Seth Bienek wrote:

> I can go one better.  What I would like to do is implement the SSURL scheme like the articles (having the subject line in the URL), while being able to accommodate the old-style URLs as well (without having to do a redirect).  This should keep any links from breaking and will also yield higher rankings for spidered messages.  I'll try to follow the layout and content of the current format as much as possible as well (remember that what's currently there is only temporary - just a throw-together).

how do you plan on matching



> I will need to get with you guys on the URL scheme on weo, though, as it seems to be different from that implemented on leo so far.  I can re-create it, but why reinvent the wheel?  PLus it's good to maintain the consistency between sites..

you should be able to login in as the evolttest user seth and check out 
how it works there..

> '/thelistarchive' is just a temporary working directory (the page you saw was actually working off the fusebox switch in the index).  We can move it anywhere once we have things the way we want them.  I think that getting the layout together isn't goint to be a big problem.  Right now my main concern is performance. With all the html tables (and probably partially due to my kludgy SQL), the 'week of' page takes a good while to load right now.  I'll be putting the HTML on a diet over the next coupla days and will get one of our gurus to fix the SQL.  Is it possible to remotely turn CF debugging on/off?

perfromance will also get a big bump when we move it into the new 
database server

> +1.  cake.. We'll do it as soon as the db is moved over.  Wait.. If the mbox is only dumped into the db once a week then we have a problem.  Is it feasible to do the dump hourly?  Or even better, every (x) minutes?

good call. umm. i dunno about the frequency.. it creates a new dump file 
every time it runs, and while weekly wouldn't be bad, having the perl 
script create a new dump file every 30 minutes might get to be a bit out 
of hand..

we'll see i guess :)


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