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Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Jul 26 16:01:13 CDT 2001

bad news homey..

Seth Bienek wrote:

>>how do you plan on matching
> Well F me in the goat A..  I guess I didn't think that one through.. Where are the 

> html filenames coming from?  What algorythm is used to assign them?

ok, after extensive(and annoying I'm sure, apologies) testing, we're 
totally fucked in the goat ass. :)

I got the sequence for MG to match what we were 
outputing(thlist.sequence+120037), but that only addresses future 
postings, not past ones.

and even if we could get them to match, the sequences in MG are based on 
reply-to's not the order which they come in at.(so there goes bumping 
our seqeunce up by 120037)

> How many HTML files are there total?  Where the hell are they?  I don't see the 

> 'Week Of' folders on the FTP site.

there are a couple hundred thousand total.. they're stored in a seperate 
directory on leo

> I'm thinking there's a way.. If I can figure out the starting message number for 

> each week for the static site, and match that to the starting number for each week for the dynamic site, maybe?
> We're reasonably intelligent people, we can figure it out... ;)

we'll figure something out i guess

maybe a mod_rewrite thing.. dunno, we'll think of something though :)


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