[thesite] map - the FSFE way

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Fri Jul 27 15:57:10 CDT 2001

Bruce Heerssen wrote on 26/7/01 4:25 pm

>Cool Martin. That is more detail that I would choose to give because of 
>my family, 

It's a bit less detailed than you'd think because the housing pattern
here isn't single houses with gardens - it's centred on my postcode's
centroid, not on my house.

>but the advantage to the method above is that I could provide 
>whatever level of detail I wanted.
The way UK postcodes work is that the more of the postcode you 
give, the more accurate it is.

So if you look at EH, it's a largish area of SE Scotland. EH11
is about a mile by half a mile. EH11 1 is a few hundred yards
in each direction. EH11 1QJ is about 3 houses.

>BTW - are there really that many train tracks in your neighborhood?
There's only 1 which is at all significant or noticeable, and even that's 
hidden. It's actually a pretty nice area:


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