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> anyone know french and can translate?(i assume he's refereing to
> Benjamin Deboute from thelist?)
> Vaisso Shoota Babylone  botanik recherche BENJAMIN D

Crap crap crap Botanik (this guy's address) is looking for Benjamin D

> pour mise en orbite,

Literally that does pretty much mean what it looks like :-)  But in
this context probably '[in order] to launch'

> Si toujours Ok

If still OK

> Site au stade - 10 jours,

Site is at minus 10 days [This is note form French - I suck at this. Can't
if the site's been done for 10 days or will be finished in 10 days]

> demande autorisation de décollage ( ftp perdu ) etc etc

Lost the ftp password and looking to go live/get signoff.  Like I said,
if there's no grammar in the words my French ain't up to much.

> merci


> mille fois

Shitloads :-)

> faire passer le message c'est très urgent .; ) id_m

for passing this on, it's very urgent.  [See, he started talking
in sentences again and I can read that].

Yeah, prolly best send it to Benjamin.

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