[thesite] Feb stats..

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Mar 1 18:30:30 CST 2001

Thought I'd cut those rowdy chat'sters in on this too.. ;)

Febuary stats are in and fresh from the oven. I decided to ditch 
Webtrends this month because its a piece of shit. Went back to good ole' 
command line interface'in, uses plus signs for graph'in, html 2.0 
conformant -- Analog.

I remember someone complaining a while back about the reports not being 
specific enough, so I turned on every piece of f*!@#in reporting I could 
find. As a result, you now have more data about our traffic than you 
could ever want.

Added members.evolt.org logs files to the mix(they've been on since mid 
feb, so nota true hueristic but nice to have)..


One BIG note:

You *have* to add about another 40-60K page views to 'successful page 
requests' because every page on w.e.o is *not* a successful page view in 
the logs. each one is a 404. I figure the correct amount of page views 
for Feb to be right under 200K and the correct amount of 'hits' at about 
750K - this is rough estimation but I dont feel like whipping out my abacus.

And holy shit is Google our friend!

general thoughts:

adrians 'building our site' and martins 'cms' articles got the most page 
views for single aritcles

peter vd's 'usability' article was in a close third with 4300 page views

i'm not sure whats going on here: 
http://members.evolt.org/anarion/enterdream/enterdream.php but it pulled 
down almost 4k page views in under 5 days.. *shrug*

interestingly, http://evolt.org/article/headlines/25/5281/index.html got 
almost 2000 views. interesting because the 'headlines' filler in the URL 
only gets posted to thelist from the 'articles of the day' email which 
1.) hasn't been working for 2 months 2.) only gets sent out to 1600 
people in the first place ;)

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