[thesite] need another template..

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Mon Mar 5 08:56:03 CST 2001

Hey Dan,

> anyways, whenever you get around to it, hve fun

Mucho Gusto!

> shouldn't hdr_inreplyto be a number?

Nope, it's the hdr_messageID that this message is in reply to, which is a
mixed string set by the outgoing mail server (as I'm sure you know. ;).  I
could cross-reference that with the messageID of the original message, but
it would cause a problems if a reply were to be received before an original
(is that possible)?  And it would add a lookup query to the insert process.

Anyhoo.. I'll probably have some time to play with it this afternoon, I'll
report back my findings then. :)


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> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: Re: [thesite] need another template..
> CREATE TABLE [thelist] (
> 	[listid] [int] NULL ,
> 	[messageid] [int] NOT NULL ,
> 	[hdr_messageid] [int] NOT NULL ,
> 	[hdr_fromname] [varchar] (75) NOT NULL ,
> 	[hdr_fromemail] [varchar] (100) NOT NULL ,
> 	[hdr_toemail] [varchar] (100) NULL ,
> 	[hdr_subject] [varchar] (100) NOT NULL ,
> 	[hdr_date] [datetime] NOT NULL ,
> 	[hdr_inreplyto] [varchar] (75) NULL ,
> 	[bdy_content] [text] NOT NULL

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