[thesite] query results caching

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Mar 5 11:05:13 CST 2001

thanks seth

yeah, i knew about the uniqueness requirement for cached queries -- but it
seems silly to want to cache a "dynamic" query anyway

by "dynamic" i mean a query tailored to whoever's running it, e.g.

   select stuff, [number of unseen replies by this user]
     from content, etcetera
       where userid = [signed on user]

everybody's going to get a different result, so why cache, right?

on the other hand, getting the list of our categories for the dropdown
list, that only changes when we add a new category....

... but i wasn't aware that "CF saves these stored query results as text
files on the hard drive instead of in the server's memory" -- which truly
sucks, although i bet it'd still be faster than exiting from cf, going to
the database server, and running the query again for everybody who visits
the page

i'm sure there must be "dynamic" queries that need to be saved, i just
can't think of any that would need to be pulled from later...

and saving them into a structure sounds okay, but would that be a client or
session structure?

just trying to catch up to you cf heavy-hitters...


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