[thesite] RDF/RSS again

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Mar 13 18:56:33 CST 2001


: From: Daniel J. Cody
: oh.. i dont know what the difference
: between rdf and rss is, but it looks
: like we now have one of both (although
: yours will probably work better jeff)..

i don't know what the difference is either really.  from a precursory
reading of the article on thesite about it by morbus it looks like it's just
some basic structural markup differences.  i couldn't tell what the output
of yours looked like though.  it wouldn't bring up anything when i tried it.
odd really.

i envision reporting all kinds of information via xml in the near future.
the trick will be figuring out what makes sense to syndicate and what

: looks like we need dave winer to sort
: this out for us ;)

oooooooooh, celebrity death match.




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