[thesite] permalinks for comments..

Matthew Haughey matt at haughey.com
Wed Mar 28 16:04:43 CST 2001

On 03:57 PM 3/28/2001 -0600, Daniel J. Cody wrote:
> > For evolt's interface, I'd suggest just replacing the "#" link with maybe
> > "link to this" to make it obvious, to help people along with getting used
> > to seeing it and using it to reply to specific comments.
>what do you think about the 'clutter' factor then? where would you
>recommend putting it? i like what you did with the mefi ones, but it may
>be a nice idea to put it in the wide open to begin..

It's a clutter yeah, you could maybe reduce "link to this" to just "link."

I just fear that if it's a pound sign or hidden link in the timestamp, 
people might not notice this "new" thing. At metafilter, I started out 
making it as obvious as possible, then when people were fully using them to 
reply to things (since the comments aren't threaded), it made it easier to 
reduce clutter, while still getting people to use them (since they were 
still seeing others using them).

so the least clutter would just be linking the timestamp, since that's 
already in the interface, but there's a risk people won't know what it 
links to or why they would use that link.

it's a tossup.


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