[thesite] new sidebars..

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Sat Mar 31 06:18:43 CST 2001

> just hacked this together:
> http://evolt.org/rating/index.html
> top 50 with at least 5 ratings..

another sidebar idea - maybe another 5 high ranking articles, but those
which don't have the minimum five rankings. ie, i have some articles that
are ranked "5" from 1-3 rankings. they really shouldn't be 5's.

so, my idea is to have a box which encourages people to rank these to give a
better indication of their true value. it'd be hard to describe this concept
in a simple title, but maybe a title attrib onmouseover could help explain
it. or, we could call it 'fresh and hot?' or 'up and coming'. who knows...

another possibility is to re-raise half-decent articles to be
featured/re-promoed on the frontdoor. and maybe a paragraph encouraging
people to rank/comment if they haven't previously.


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