[thesite] new weo server up and running..

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon May 14 16:22:47 CDT 2001


its running a snapshot of the code from saturday, the data is about a
week old..
it may be a bit slow cus i dont have all the memory in there yet, but
its mostly good to go.

ifanyoneisinterested, this is a brand new server that we put together,
again from contributions(a huge one by bob, yay!). this is probably the
fastest box, all around, that i've ever configd.. 

in keeping with history, we're running some cutting edge software on
this box.. linux 2.4.4 with the XFS 1.0 release for starters. XFS really
kicks ass(its been getting a lot of attention on slashdot lately) for
reasons i wont bore you with here :) also, the linux 2.4.4 kernel is a
*ton* faster than the old 2.2 kernels, especially for webserving. once
cf5 rolls, i'd like to get a copy of that up there as well since that is
supposed to increase performance on linux upto 300%.. 5.4ms seek time
drives, shitload of RAM(soon) and a nice fast CPU & mobo all make for a
kick ass new webserver :)

so, slam it around a bit and try to slow it down.. tomorrow i'll
probably be dropping the rest of my RAM in it - so if you notice
anything *really* slow, it could be that, but let me know..

if all goes well, i'd like to switch everything over on wednesday night.
and finally drop oracular..

so, give it a whirl and lets break it in.. thanks :)


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