[thesite] unused files

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue May 15 11:39:54 CDT 2001

McCreath_David wrote:
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> >From: Daniel J. Cody
> >
> >already deleted alot of the directories from the old site.. that would
> >be nice if you could plow through t.e.o and see if everything
> >matches up though :)
> Just to make sure I'm clear, the files currently be looked at and commented
> are on t.e.o? Or on the new box?

ya, they're on t.e.o right now, which isn't the new box.. once we have
got everything commented and trimmed down, we can migrate it to w.e.o

> Here's the file listing that I put together for the root directory. These
> are files that are no longer being used as far as I can tell. If we can get
> Probably not in use
> 4.5.html
> add.cfm

ok, that looks right to me

> Maybe in use
> * change_old_links.cfm -- I think we've got the SSURLs worked out so that we
> don't need this, but maybe it should stay there anyway...
> * fu2a.cfm -- it looks like at some point this was used in the SSURLs, but
> I'm not sure
> * move_from_long_to_clob.cfm
> * pageresults.cfm -- can't really tell. it looks old, but it doesn't meet
> any of the criteria listed above
> * uta.cfm

fu2a.cfm is the custom tag that does SSURLS and i know we're using the
rest(jeff, rudy and I) so we'll just hang onto those for now :)

thanks david

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