[thesite] Members' Directory/Pages

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu May 17 12:53:20 CDT 2001

Hi folks,

Time to bring this conversation to one central location so that we can all
discuss it and get a team put together to take this project through to

My understanding is this.

Rudy has volunteered and been working on the database set up for the new
members pages.  Erik has suggested that the following items be added to the

a. Name/contact infos
b. Skill set - searchable
c. Examples of work <= 5 URLs
d. 255 character description/commentary on b-c - maybe searchable
e. Location - searchable
f. Willing to freelance - searchable
g. More info/examples can be found at http://non-evolt-url

Ideally, all members info should be synched from one datasource.  Dan will
need to provide details on the task of synching the weo, meo and leo

To quote Erik:  "The application I did that I think has most of the basic CF
code and SQL needed is a monster.com-like employment service - so has skill
categories, contact info, forms to insert, delete and update data and a
search screen for everything ... as well as an admin area."

Rudy, what needs to be done?  Can you coordinate with Erik what his
application does, and how we can use that and wrap the other members info
page(s) into it?   Dan, can we use just the one database for ALL
information?  (After the synching is done of course.)   Members info is in
Oracle already I think?   Or should it be worked on in Access locally, then
transferred over to teo for testing and integration?  You guys would know
far better than I how to do this.  I'm guessing CF and Access will/can talk
to each other?

Let's discuss .... put a plan in action, assign tasks, set deliverables,
etc.  (Acting like *thewife* <G>)


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