[thesite] Abbreviations and Welcome to the New Folks on Here

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu May 17 13:01:05 CDT 2001

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new folks on here.

Since there are have been several new folks signed up to this list lately,
here's a list of the common abbreviations that we use:

weo = evolt.org (main web site)
meo = members.evolt.org
leo = lists.evolt.org
teo = tests.evolt.org (being put back into current working order this week)
deo = directory.evolt.org (not official yet, but this is for Simon's
feo = doesn't exist per se (a project Matt's working on)
aeo = theNag (theWife)

And, if anyone has any questions, just ask.  We don't bite!!  It's great to
have new volunteers.  Anyone bored, looking for something to do, introduce
yourself, let us know your interests, skills, what you would *like* to do, I
guarantee there's at least one task that needs completing.

Some of the projects in the works or needing to be assigned include:

theNag (theWife) - a job/task tracking project that djc's working on
feo - food.evolt.org - Matt's working on this
more stylesheets - Dave McCreath (see samples here
http://members.evolt.org/mccreath/evolt/colorschemes.html)  - We need some
more options created that we can use for different sites (like deo needs a
unique colour scheme)
commenting code - I think this has been assigned, not sure if more
assistance is required
Members Database/Directory - see previous email, Erik and Rudy coordinating

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.  I'll let those
responsible for a task/project elaborate and let us all know what
help/assistance is required.

Bye for now,


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