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Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Thu May 17 14:06:46 CDT 2001

My thought on the member directory is that it should aim facilitating 
collaboration between evolt members - UNITE! - like only be 
accessible to evolt members, and probably keep it's very existence 
hidden from people that aren't list members - otherwise eventually 
some headhunter or similar is going to be bugging people, and people 
will use it as an on-line resume service - for which there's plenty 
of options out there already.

The reason I mentioned the site I did is that it has everything 
necessary to accomplish the above objective - and a lot of other 
stuff which should be taken out - in fact, I think it should contain 
just enough information to help people find each other.

Michele - I'll send the table definitions Rudy sent to me. It uses 
what I'd refer to as a "look up table" where two tables kind of play 
off each other so rows in a single table can contain any type of 
information ...

Question for someone familiar with the database: Will the fact that 
it's Oracle make it OK to use up a row in the MEMBATTR table to just 
hold a boolean value, etc? Or should we think of adding some tables 
specifically for this?

- Erik Mattheis

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