intro (was [thesite] Abbreviations and Welcome to the New Folks on Here)

Daniel J. Cody djc at
Thu May 17 14:22:21 CDT 2001

Hey Colette - 

Good to have another member from wisconsin :)

Colette Brown wrote:

> learning about PHP and MySQL on my own.

how comfortable are you with those? there is one app we do have written
in php/mysql that simon coggins wrote..

> If possible, I'd like to help out with the job/task tracking project
> or the members directory.  Most of my experience has been coding parts
> of admin tools for different sites, and I would like to learn how to
> make things from scratch.  I'm definitely not picky though.  I
> suppose working on any of the projects would be a good chance to learn
> ColdFusion.

I'm the one that wrote thewife(job tracking) and i'll get back to
everyone on that probably tomorrow.. I'm syncing up the databases this
week with that and aftre that i'll start coding again and will need some
help :)

Thanks to everyone for pitching in!! this rocks :)

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