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Ron --

If you go here:


you'll see the whole history.

What we have in production on the evolt sites currently are all simple
rearrangements of the RGB triplet that was used to create the green
background for w.e.o. They're all basically monochromatic, except for the
l.e.o site, which uses red as it's base, and since light red tends toward
pink, we used gray instead.

Look at any of the samples above and you can get the related stylesheet. All
we're looking for right now is new color schemes. The font faces, etc.
shouldn't need changing. In particular look at aardvark's samples that are
linked from the top of the page; there are some examples that go beyond the
original RGB triplet.

Holler if you have more questions.


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>What eggzachery do ya want in terms of stylesheets?? Gimme an 
>outline or
>tell me where there's a current one and I'll see what I can 
>come up with...
>I've touched PHP about 2 years ago...
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