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rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu May 17 16:07:28 CDT 2001

>(1)  Why is PRIV on both member and membattr tables?
> I thought we only needed one PRIV?

yes it can be discussed here

we need a PRIV on every record where the record contents need privacy

>(2)  What is SEQ on the membattr table?

sequence, e.g. if i list several urls, i can put them in the order i want

>(3)  What are REMARKS for?  Will the member be able to use this field?

to add remarks to the attibute value, yes it's for the member to supply

>(4)  Are ATTRVALUE and REMARKS set to be 255 characters?

yes they are, i don't think we should be writing book-length entries on
each individual attribute -- remember, they are meant for things like phone
numbers, icq numbers, stuff like that

>If we want to go one step further and incorporate Joshua's resume builder,
>that will require additional memo (clob??) fields?  Feasibility?

no comment, sorry, i just don't know enough about it, but as soon as i saw
"you would take the form struct as it comes in, wddx it, and store it in a
repository for later compilation!" my mind sort of tuned out...

no offence, josh, but we should get the basics up and running first...

>One final question, do you have a list of attributes already created?

SQL> select * from attribute;
--------- ---------------------
     2757 email
     2761 url
     2762 icq
     2763 photo

this was in test.evolt.org's database (i think) from codefest 2, not sure
if they're still there

the IDs are taken from the same oracle sequence as all the rest of them

there will of course be plenty of pre-determined attributes, and perhaps
the form should offer them in a dropdown or something

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