[thesite] dean, some oracle things again..

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu May 17 16:51:48 CDT 2001

Dan, Jeff, Rudy,

20 seconds?  That seems a little long for a simple query like this one.  Are
the indexes correct?  Like jeff said, a store procedure may speed up things,
but I assure you the majority of the 20 seconds is not plan creation, which
is the only thing you'll save by having this query in a stored procedure in
this case.  This query is not really complex.  There may be a lot of data,
but 20 seconds?!  There is something else going on to slow down the query
that much.


> also , the front page query is taking like 20 seconds to run.. can we
> make a view out of this:?

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