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Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Thu May 17 17:28:28 CDT 2001

Am I correct in interpreting the concept of "resume builder" 
literally - a tool to compose an on-line resume?

I just jumped in on this, but it feels to me as if I'm rushing 
pell-mell into aspects of technical implementation before I know what 
I need to make ... questions in my mind that might deserve discussion:

- Should the "Member Skills" thing be presented as something separate 
from a more general member profile? I could see it as a directory 
type structure that could be drilled down though with hyperlinks ... 
or there could be a member search page on which one could search for 
anything about a member.

- Should there be something like a feedback rating or comments from 
whoever the member has collaborated with? I could see that being 
abused, but could also see it being very useful it it weren't ... 
maybe give each member the option of opening their record to having 
feedback ... or have something which would only allow feedback to be 
posted if both members had something in weo (is weo something like 
that, or is it something to track work being done on [x]eo?)


- Erik Mattheis

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