[thesite] friday is a good day..

Judith Taylor judi at frognet.net
Fri May 18 10:10:22 CDT 2001

I hope to be able to get more done this weekend. I'm trying to make 
intelligent comments and so it's a bit slow going as I'm not familiar with 
the flow of the site...comments I make tend to deal with what is calling 
what and being called where for why. That sounds more complicated than it 
is - really! :o) Been doing a lot of back and forth with the 
files....trimming out the unused files in the 'root' dir helped. :o)


Daniel J. Cody put into words:
>i'm takin off work on friday(today) to finish up thewife and to deal with 
>the insane, but good, amount of traffic on thesite
>hopefully lots gets done, if its not too much to ask, can i get a status 
>report from those of you that are working on projects?(seth, matt, dean, 
>judith, judah, colette, ron, michele, and anyone i missed ) :)
>i'd appreciate, trying to get my - and evolts - ducks in a row :)

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