[thesite] friday is a good day..

Dean Mah dsmah at home.com
Fri May 18 11:59:48 CDT 2001

Sorry, I don't know what that is for.  It looked really strange to me
as well.  Dan said he pulled it straight from CF's debugging stuff.

Anyway, I've added indexes and the query runs in 8.5 seconds which is
half of what it was.  The front page comes up a lot quicker now.

Does the Oracle box really only have 64MB of RAM?!!  That's not
enough.  Oracle's minimum requirement is 128MB or 256MB.  I couldn't
increase buffer cache by that much.  I think the buffer cache hit
ratio is still around 30% which is way too low.  It should be up in
the 80-90% range.


rudy writes:

> sorry for the long post just now
> i got so carried away with the sql, i forgot to ask the most fundamental
> question --
> the nested query contains
>   WHERE replies.datemod > ''
> that cannot be right, can it?
> what's going on with that field?
> i thought content.replies is supposed to hold the number of comments on the
> article
> so what is the nested subquery for??
> surely it's not the number of recent replies, is it?
> heck, that's not what the datemod field is...

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