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Fri May 18 15:19:59 CDT 2001

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> :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> : Truthfully, it might not be the intended
> : use and I can see you telling me we shouldn't
> : use the PRIV column for this, BUT setting the
> : priv of those categories to 3 (or 5 if you
> : want to have it not displayed for anyone) could
> : keep them out of things like the front page,
> : headlines mailers, XML headline feeds, etc.
> :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> yes, quite true, but like you just stated -- that's not the
> intended purpose.  with the high likelihood that we'll implement
> category display based on the PRIV setting for the category it
> wouldn't make sense to complicate the issue by misusing that column
> in this fashion.

Well, the only misuse is really that it isn't being used for a
security reason, which is why PRIV was created (right?). Setting a
category to a PRIV of 5 would be correct except for the fact that
we're doing it for an odd reason.

> :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> : The only problem I see is if we ever get into
> : showing or not showing an article based on the
> : PRIV of its category (not sure why we would do
> : this since the article itself would have a PRIV).
> :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> or, more importantly we may decide to add an admin only viewable
> category. we wouldn't want to display that category on the
> front-end to anyone with a PRIV less than 3.  so, not only would
> the articles within that category have a PRIV of 3 (or some maybe
> even a 4), the category itself would have a PRIV of 3 to keep it
> from being displayed except when necessary/appropriate.  

I'm not sure what you're getting at. What you describe above is what
we want. We don't want those categories to show up in the category
list drop box. We don't want their articles showing up on the front
page. However, we DO want them to be able to add articles to them
(with the exception of the FAQ cat) and that might be a problem
(though the submission page currently does not restrict articles from
being submitted to the FAQ category).

Anyways, my point was that there would be a problem if we are going
to cascade PRIV from category to article for some reason.

Do you see any other problems? The only problem I have with this is
that we're restricting display based on a security column but for
non-security reasons. However, it might be better than adding another
column just for the display control.

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