[thesite] new color schemes

Ron White ronwhite at members.evolt.org
Fri May 18 16:15:25 CDT 2001

Thanks :-) Not bad for a rookie color coordinator, eh? Ocean is my fav as
well... I was going to call Blue, Deep Sea or Stormy Ocean, so it would be
more of a theme, but left it as is for now... It was pretty fun doing it,
I'm thinking I might have to start sliding more toward WebDev and away from
Network Engineering :-)

Ron White

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awesome! I really like the ocean and blue ones ron :)

Ron White wrote:

> http://members.evolt.org/ronwhite/index.htm
> Ocean and Wine are updated... Fall will be updated in about an hour or
> Have to do some real (paying) work for a bit :-)
> On the wine, I wasn't especially happy with the title 2 text color, but it
> was the one I disliked the least... any suggestions??
> So you don't have to check source its the grey-green text on the

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