[thesite] saturday is shaping up pretty nicely too...

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat May 19 08:33:25 CDT 2001

>Where is the latest database design diagram?

hi matt

sorry for the delay, i went offline yesterday and started celebrating after
the raptors just beat the living sh....  oh, sorry, hope there ain't any
sixers fans here...   sunday i don't plan to be online much, either...
football in the morning, beer after the football, then game 7 in philly...

the last diagram is http://members.evolt.org/rudy/oracle4.gif

note this is over a year old and somewhat out of date, but it is still
adequate to explain the relationships between tables

the "member pages" project, recently revitalized, will use the MEMBER,
MEMBATTR, and ATTRIBUTE tables -- note that people will have one member
record but possibly several user records (one at work, one at home, etc.)

the "customizable styles" project, which will enable users to design their
own look for the evolt site, will use the SCHEME, SCHEMELEMENT, and ELEMENT
tables -- note that these will be tied to the USER record, not the MEMBER

i think those tables need a quick review for the consistent application of

the diagram was produced by a data modelling product called ERwin, which i
was using at my last job -- i think i *cough* forgot to uninstall it from
my home computer, though, so i can keep making diagrams

me personally i have been getting by fine with the raw DESCRIBE outputs,
although they don't show the foreign key relationships as nicely as a

it is always a good idea to do a DESCRIBE anyway, just to confirm the table
actually looks the same as you think it does...  don't get me wrong, that
wasn't a snide remark, i think it is a good thing™ that other people
besides myself can go in and alter a table

speaking of which, we must really do something about those LONG columns --
i think dean had an answer to that recently, let me go dive into the
archives to see if i can find it...


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