[thesite] friday is a good day..

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat May 19 08:43:30 CDT 2001

> Oracle optimizes the queries into almost exactly the same thing.

hi dean

thanks for those (output from explain plan?)

pretty neat, and you can see from the indentation that it can make a big
difference whether the database does something inside a deeply nested loop
or outside...

this just reinforces my experience that there will usually be several ways
to code a query and they can have radically different execution times

i wonder if we will ever have to use oracle's HINT feature....

> In Oracle you do outer joins by marking the table with (+).
> I don't think, at least in Oracle7, that SQL92's outer join
> syntax is supported.

yeah, i knew the old way of doing it (didn't sql server have something
similar with an asterisk?)

the new join syntax is much more elegant, because it isolates the join
conditions away from the filter predicates in the WHERE clause

> In Oracle7 there wasn't any conception on the SELECT TOP or LIMIT..
> You can try using Oracle's rownum or rowid but I don't think that it will
> get you exactly what you want.


let me go read ahead and see what jeff says, i skimmed the posts and i know
he's talking about cache...


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