[thesite] more damn schemes!

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Sat May 19 21:31:49 CDT 2001

Michelle (and Dan)

Okay.. added most of the colors.  Only a couple left unaccounted for now.
Let me know what else I can set up.

> Can we edit a scheme?  Each time I save, I need to give it a new name.

To answer your question about changing a scheme... I'd love to set up a way
to edit a scheme and save right over the top of it, but claiming ownership
on a scheme so you can modify it is a little bit less than trivial.  While I
am experienced with logins etc, I'm not sure I want to pursue that right
now.  Most likely, I'll just code with without that ownership concept, then
if it gets incorporated into the main system I can just use the built in
ownership model.  Make sense.  For now, just modify a scheme and save it
back out as a new name or whatever.

> Future implementation, can this be incorporated some way to allow users
> (logged in members) to create and pick their own stylesheets?

Maybe in the future.  This thing is still infant... let's let it grow up a
bit first!


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