[thesite] more damn schemes!

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sat May 19 23:11:44 CDT 2001

Hey Josh,

Thanks for the additions.

I noticed several different schemes have been created, are those yours?
They are all really good.

I'll modify my sunset theme a bit more.

How can I USE a theme?  I'm building x app. and really like a theme on that
page, what's the CSS file I need to work with?

I really like this tool.  Anyone else on thesite been playing around with
it? Whatcha all think of it? (http://members.evolt.org/joshua/)


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From: "Joshua OIson" <joshua at alphashop.net>

| Michelle (and Dan)
| Okay.. added most of the colors.  Only a couple left unaccounted for now.
| Let me know what else I can set up.

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