[thesite] Oracle puking

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Sun May 20 22:44:16 CDT 2001

should be good to go now.. i had to buy some new memory for oracle today
and just got it installed..

dean et al, everything should be good to go now, its back to 324M of ram

sorry took so long :)

Judith Taylor wrote:
> Just an addendum to my first question.....Oracle seems to be puking at two
> different points for t.e.o
> If I still have a cookie set by w.e.o, t.e.o is puked by the cookie's
> existence. If I logout (thereby destroying the cookie) it pukes on the
> content, users, categorys tables in the 'main' query.
> All because in trying to get these comments done, I try to see what they
> look like in action....w.e.o doesn't quite work the same.....*drama queen
> sigh* ;o)
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