[thesite] Saturday is shaping up pretty nicely too...

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon May 21 08:29:05 CDT 2001

>Oops, VC missed the shot...

yeah, i guess i asked for that, eh

> Must've been that early morning jaunt from Chapel Hill...

oh, come on, that's a cheap shot -- it had nothing to do with his
performance on the court

now that the raps are gone, i'm pulling for the bucks and spurs

*anyone* but the lakers or sixers, really....

and although we don't make a big deal about it on thesite, it never hurts
to toss in a tip for wildly offtopic posts

  nothing wrong with a table that's designed to hold only one row -- oracle
has one called dual (aside: anybody know where that name comes from?)
  use a 1-row table to store all the miscellaneous bits of variable
information that an application might need, especially if it at first
appears that there's little chance they will change -- for example, current
sales tax rate, which doesn't change often, but when it does, you don't
want to be hunting for it in code...


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