[thesite] d.e.o layout

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue May 22 08:25:00 CDT 2001

> From:"mccreath" <mccreath at ak.net>
> When we started migrating l.e.o and b.e.o to the new layout back in
> January we talked about leaving the blacktabnavbarthingie at the top
> of the page the same on all the domains, with the nav menu in it.
> Should we continue with that? In the case of d.e.o it would mean
> moving the search field, probably down into the side bar where it is
> on w.e.o. Does that seem reasonable?

the layout should match on all sites, as much as possible... 
search fields should appear in the same place as they do on weo... 
and the blacktabnavbarthingie is sacrosanct and should always 
appear as it does on the weo site...

> The other question is about the breadcrumbs and the sidebar. On the
> other domains, the sidebar is always in contact with the
> blacktabnavbarthingie, which I think I prefer to the gap that d.e.o's 
> breadcrumb trail currently creates.

sounds bad, but have no recollection what the full url is to deo, so i 
can't comment other than to say, if it splits from the style of weo, it 
needs to be checked...

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