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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue May 22 08:26:51 CDT 2001

Hey David ...

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| Hey, Simon--
| d.e.o is looking great. I like that emerald scheme and I'm glad it's being
| used. :)
| I have some questions about the layout for the group in general.
| When we started migrating l.e.o and b.e.o to the new layout back in
| we talked about leaving the blacktabnavbarthingie at the top of the page
| same on all the domains, with the nav menu in it. Should we continue with
| that? In the case of d.e.o it would mean moving the search field, probably
| down into the side bar where it is on w.e.o. Does that seem reasonable?

I thought of this .... feo won't match .. regardless .. that's not to say
that deo shouldn't though.  I'd agree with you .. to move the search down
and keep the consistency on the top as with the other domains.

| The other question is about the breadcrumbs and the sidebar. On the other
| domains, the sidebar is always in contact with the blacktabnavbarthingie,
| which I think I prefer to the gap that d.e.o's  breadcrumb trail currently
| creates.

Good point .. can the bread crumbs trail still be the top item on the upper
left corner?  just split that row into the two columns, so that the darker
green on the right hand side is at the top, and delete the additional cell
line?  Is this what you had in mind?

On another note.. I've a bunch of comments myself .. got side-tracked
finishing that email .. sending it in a few.


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