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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue May 22 09:20:27 CDT 2001

Hi Simon,

Some suggestions for d.e.o. presented below:

Emerald theme looks great.  If you want to use one of the newer ones, that
are brighter, that's fine as well.

Anyway, can I search for a string, or based on two criteria, where both
match?  For example, searching for Perl Tutorials, returns all of Perl and
all of Tutorials, where in fact, what I really wanted was just "Perl
Tutorials".  I tried it with the quotes and that returned no matches, and
changed the search box to a "/".  Perl + Tutorials didn't return my intended
results either.

Suggested text changes,


1st para "... all aspects of Web Design."   change to "... Web

Future Plans ..

"This site is by no means complete. As well as the directory growing due to
visitor suggestions to cover all aspects of web design, we hope the site
will continue to evolve and improve over time."

ouch .. suggested changes...

"This directory will evolve and improve over time as users suggest sites for
inclusion covering all aspects of web design and development."

No changes to the rest ..

Guidelines ...

My modifications presented below.

What to submit
There are no restrictions to the type of links posted on this site, as long
as they fall beneath the broad umbrella of Web Design/Development.
Suggestions can be to an entire website or a single article.

Personal sites will not be accepted, unless they contain significant amounts
of relevant material. There are plenty of other resources that do a better
job of keeping track of personal sites.

This directory aims to get web professionals to the information they need
quickly and with minimal hassle. It is hoped that sites linked will also
reflect this policy; well-designed sites with good navigation and plenty of
accurate, useful content are preferred.

How to submit
Before submitting suggestions, please search the directory to ensure your
link is not already included. If your link is similar to existing entries,
please consider if it offers anything additional not already provided by the
existing links. When writing descriptions for links or categories, please
try to be concise, and consider what information is useful to a user of this
directory. Please mention any technical requirements such as Flash or Java.

When adding a link, select the most relevant existing category or create a
new subcategory. Navigate to the selected category then click on "suggest a
link" and fill in the form.

One last thought, would it be useful for other members to be reviewers?
Sort of like DMOZ's approach whereby those that know the topic
review/approve links?  IOW, if you need help/assistance, holler, let us
know.  I'll gladly take a few sub-categories and review the links submitted.

Can we start populating the sub-categories now?

Thanks for all the hard work .. this is a great resource.


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